UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL

Chapter 1 problems

      - D1.3 -

4-bit ones counter using plan B




1. Specifications

Design the 4-bit ones counter chip represented in Fig. 1 using plan B.

To study how this circuit works, other circuit realizations of the same or similar circuits are presented as tutorials in P3: Ones_counter_8bit (plan C2 Ones_counter_4bit (plan C2)

Symbol and truth table

Fig.1. Symbol and truth table.


Example solution. This is the file ones_counter_4bit.vhd designed describing the truth table (plan B). Fig. 2 shows the RTL view of this behavioural interpretation..


Fig. 2. The RTL view of the 4-bit ones counter synthesised from the truth table behavioural description.

This is a testbench file to adapt: ones_counter_4bit_tb.vhd