UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


Laboratory instruments for electronics


Virtual bench

Fig. 1. National Instruments Virtual Bench compact instument.Instrument flier.




Fig. 3. Digilent Analog Discovery 2.



Fig. 4. Digilent Digital Discovery.



Fig. 5. Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Test Instruments. Available at L230B and L226B.



Fig. 2. Power supply, function generator, multimeter, oscilloscope, frequency counter, and personal computer.


Safety equipment from our lab: mask, goggles, gloves, small fire extinguisher and first-aid kit.

Plastic storage drawer or box



Flush cutters for electronic components

Wire stripper and cutter

Precision Hobby Knife

Soldering iron, tips and soldering wire

Soldering iron holder with brass curls wool for cleaning excess solder and dirty flux residues from soldering iron tips

Solderless prototyping breadboard

General purpose solderable PCB

Solid core hookup coloured wires

Hobbyist resistor and capacitors assortment kits or consumable components available in our labs.


Select the Right Oscilloscope Probe for Your Application (NI). VB8012 oscilloscope probe is the switchable (1:1, 10:1) PS2150.


Fig. 2. Oscilloscope probes. Tektronik reference document on ABCs of probes.