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Computer aided design (CAD). Electronic Design Automation (EDA) 

SPICE-based simulation


Proteus from Labcenter Electronics (commercial) is a virtual laboratory and SPICE-based simulation of electronic circuits. Analogue electronics, digital circuits and microcontrollers simulation, all in one.

Available at the EETAC.



Multisim from National Instruments (commercial) is the schematic capture and simulation program designed for schematic entry, simulation, and feeding to downstage steps, such as PCB layout. 

Available at the UPC


Numerical engine


WolframAlpha. A powerful computing tool available from Wolfram Research.



Minimisation of logic functions



Freeware Publicad toolkit, met Minilog logisch minimalisatieprogramma (© W.M.J. de Valk). Minilog is part of the Publicad educational design package, that can be downloaded from the website Publicad - free Publicad toolkit including Minilog logic minimization program (source Wikipedia EXPRESSO).



Logic Friday. Logic Friday takes the help of Espresso logic design minimiser to efficiently reduce the functions in your electronic design. Instead of using the traditional Karnaugh map method of min term reduction, the program manipulates the function iteratively to give a closely approximated result, eliminating redundancy. (ref.)


Xilinx EDA tools for CPLD and FPGA


ISE. Download and use the version 14.7 (2013). (ref). ISim is the integrated VHDL simulator that will be used to check our designs.




Vivado is the new EDA tool from Xilinx to cover the newer FPGA


Other software

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