UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering. Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Systems Engineering EEL


Design of electronic equipment (DEE)


Introduction to electronic equipment Projects on measurement and control systems Projects on autonomous electronic equipment
LAB AR Project discussion and assessment.
LAB12 Wireless sensor networks.
LAB11 Communications, USART. WI-FI.
LAB10 Low power applications, sleep mode, energy harvesting.
PRJ1 Capstone project: hobbyist climate chamber.
LAB9 Power outputs and drivers, electrical isolation.
LAB8 PWM, D/A conversion, analogue outputs.
LAB7 LCD and other displays. I2C and SPI digital sensors.
LAB6 Analogue inputs, electrical isolation, A/D conversion.
LAB5 Buttons, keyboards, events and interrupts. FSM structure.
LAB4 Switches, digital inputs and outputs. Electrical bouncing and digital noise. FSM structure.
LAB3 Power supply, voltage regulation and power consumption, heatsink design.
LAB2 Electronic equipment architecture: hardware & software. Training boards. Prototyping.
LAB1 Instruments and probes. EDA tools: electronic circuits simulation using Proteus and  Multisim.
Cross-curricular skills

These materials are intended as an introduction to the design of electronic equipment. All projects will be organised using this template: (1) Product specifications. (2) Planning, (3) Developing, (4) Testing, (5) Prototyping. A similar well known frame is project CDIO (conceive, design, implement and operate).

Project design include electronic design automation (EDA) tools, circuit simulation and printed circuit board (PCB) design.

Projects include introductory content on specialised topics such: 

- Design guidelines for EMC compliance: Circuit design for minimum radiation, EMC filters, circuit partitioning, grounding, signal integrity,  screened enclosure and screened lines and cables. 

- Guidelines for thermal design and cooling.

- Power supply, low-power electronics and energy harvesting.

- Electrostatic discharge (ESD), protection, handling and electrical safety.