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Enriched text editors

 Lab 1.2

There are several common enriched text editors very convenient for writing technical files in VHDL, C language or o tools.


This is the recommended enriched text editor for writing code or describing hardware in CSD: Notepad++


Fig. 1. Notepad++ logo.

NOTE: These are some indications on how to print coloured code listings.

You can add a spelling checker plug-in.


Scriptum: a free text editor for VHDL and C languages  


Another text editor for HDL files is the Scriptum from the HDL Works company. You can download it for free and use it to edit source files before starting the simulator or the synthesis tools. A colour scheme to appreciate the different meaning of statements, comments, signals, etc. will help you to study and write your source files.

These below in Fig. 2 are some indications to associate both, VHD and VHT extensions to this text editor by default.


Fig. 2. How to associate file extensions like "vhd" and "vht" to Scriptum by default