UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL

Chapter 1 problems

      - D1.7 -

16-bit demultiplexer




1. Specifications

Design a DeMUX_16 similar to the classic 74HCT154 chip in a programmable logic device (PLD) target chip.The circuit symbol and its truth table is represented in FIg. 1.

Symbol DeMUX_16

Fig. 1. DeMUX_16 symbol and truth table. Select channel input S(3..0) and outptus Ch(15..0) are defined as vectors.

As theory, explain what kind of applications will use DeMUX, and what may be input data D.


2. Planning

Plan A using our VHDL design flow using logic equations and EDA tools for developing and testing.


Plan B capturing in VHDL the truth table.


Plan C2 hiearchical circuit using DeMUX_8 components studied in problem D1.6.

Plan C2 hiearchical circuit using DeMUX_4 components.