UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL



PLA10: Design phase #1. FSM and external interrupts



NOTE: This post lab assignment must be solved only after having completed successfully lab session Lab10 and studied P10 example because you will copy and adapt materials from it.
Use and study as well materials form lectures, remember that one of the objectives of our project design is to learn and apply the theory and the introductoy concepts associated to digital circuits.

Specifications (design phase #1)

Use the options indicated by your instructor. Students will be asked to solve the same PLA6 project adapted to the microcontroler PIC18F4520. 

Example of individual/group assignments
  Project number Circuit entity  
Est./group 1 D3.5 LED lamp dimmer  
Est./group 2 D3.6 7-segment sequencer  
Est./group 3 D3.23 Earbuds control buttons  
Est./group 4 D3.5 LED lamp dimmer  
Est./group 5 D3.6 7-segment sequencer  
··· ··· ···  


Follow this rubric for writing reports.