UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


Lecture 2

L10.2: FSM adaptation.

Example projects: Serial transmitter, Johnson sequencer



3.5.4. Examples Serial_transmitter

The idea of serial data transmission. Typical circuit where a FSM enumerating states as in P6 allows to solve the application. 

Specifications. Planning: hardware circuit, software organisation. Development & testing.

How to invenrt and plan a Serial_receptor? How many components are involved? Johnson_sequencer_mod12

The idea of start/stop button. This is another similar application where a FSM enumerating states allows solving a counter as we did in P7 plan X, this time controlled by a start/stop push-button. We use two external interrupts to detect CLK and ST/SP active edges.

Specifications. Planning : hardware circuit, software organisation. Development & testing. Counter_BCD_1digit (plan X) solved at Lab10 Counter_mod1572 (plan Y) solved at Lab10 Traffic light controller Stepper motor driver


Exercise: Draw an example timing diagram for a serial transmitter: Data size: 7 bit; Parity: odd; Stop bits: 2 bits; transmission speed: 9.6 kb/s


Exercise: Study the Johnson_sequencer_mod12 circuit and configure inputs and outputs and disable all the interrupts not required. Draw the output_logic() truth table. How the mechanism of stopping the counting only when the sequence is completed works?