UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


Lecture 1

 L11: LCD displays. Multiple-file projects

[P11] Interfacing an LCD



3.6. Peripherals: LCD

3.6.1. LCD technology and controllers

The LCD peripheral: controller chip, hardware interface.  

3.6.2. LCD C libraries

In some way, let us repeat the idea of plan C2 in software: multiple component files (C functions) in the same top project.

3.6.3. Examples 1-digit BCD adder with LCD: Adder_BCD_1digit_LCD

Enhance the 1-digit BCD adder project in P9 so that operation result is represented in the LCD display instead of the 7-segment digits. This is design phase #2.

These are Internet references (1) (2) (3) with different sets of high-level C functions to interface LCD displays. Serial transmitter with LCD: Serial_transmitter_LCD

Enhance the serial transmitter from P10 with an LCD so that ASCII messages can be represented to indicate how the system operates. This is design phase #2.




Exercise: Study the Serial_transmitter_LCD circuit and explain what new variables are required to write a message on the LCD screen.