UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


Lecture 3

L12.3:  Other peripherals, projects and demonstations

[P12] Microcontroller applications, research papers and final bachelor thesis



3.8.4. Other examples

3,8.4.1. Johnson_sequencer_mod12_LCD_TMR0 (design phase#3) Serial transmitter with LCD and TMR2  (P12) (design phase#4) Duty-cycle modulator: LED dimmer


3.9. Optional. Other peripherals

3.9.1. Timer1 (TMR1)

TMR1 is specially suited to be used with and external 32.768 kHz crystal CLK. The real-time base for a large range of applications.

3.9.2. Other peripherals

 A/D converter for acquiring analogue signals, non-volatile EEPROM memory to save data, I2C bus, USART, analogue comparator, pulse width modulator (PWM), etc.


3.10. Optional. Other microcontrollers and microconputers

3.10.1. PIC16F877, ATmega8535

Examples for other μC (currently Proteus EETAC licence is not available and cannot be simulated).

- In A3.5 you can find the P8 programmable Timer HHMM complete project solved using a µC ATmega8535. Adapt it to  ATmega328P (Arduino chip) or the PIC18F4520.

- This is a timer project targeting PIC16F877A microcontroller. Adapt it to a PIC18LF45K50 new device.

3.10.2. Arduino. ATmega328P chip.

3.10.3. Raspberry Pi. Python language.

3.11. Optional. More project examples,  final bachelor thesis, research papers, books, etc.

Analyse and run this project #15 on the design of a bicycle speed meter (basics on cyclocomputers). How to add a new feature like an odometer to measure riding distances of 100 km? Measuring the frequency of a signal.

List of projects will show you possibilities of this subject to design many electronic appliances. Books. Reasearch papers, bachelor dissertations.


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