UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL



Cross-curricular competences


CSD promotes specific content and also some cross-curricular skills like:

(1) Cooperative work, PBL and active methodologies

Level 1: teamwork. Working in a team and making positive contributions once the aims and group and individual responsibilities have been defined. Reaching joint decisions on the strategy to be followed.


(2) Writing reports and delivering oral presentations

Level 1: efficient oral and written communication. Planning oral communication, answering questions properly and writing straightforward texts that are spelt correctly and are grammatically coherent.


(3) Projects: a taste of real-world applications and project management

Level 1: to know project management tools carrying out the different phases of the project established by the professor.


(4) Academic content through English

Learning English to a degree of oral and written fluency that fits in with the future needs of the graduates. 


(5) Self-directed learning

Level 1: completing set tasks within established deadlines. Working with recommended information sources according to the guidelines set by lecturers. 


Example reference on engineering education: Crawley, E. F.,  Malmqvist, J., Östlund S., Brodeur, D. R., Edström, K., "Rethinking Engineering Education. The CDIO Approach", 2n ed., Springer, 2014, ebook: ISBN 978-3-319-05561-9, available at our Biblioteca BCL .