UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


4. Teaching academic content through English


It's quite simple: we consider that throughout your secondary school you already have acquired enough skills in English language for following our course. Besides, probably by your own initiative, you are even taking classes in a language school while studying this bachelor degree. Thus, take this course in digital systems as another opportunity to test and put into practice your English.


UPC Englsih Resources

English resources at the SLT - UPC : Academic Communication

Wordtips Wordtips grammar blog, verb tenses, prepositions, etc.
GrammarChecker Grammar checker allows you to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and other writing mistakes.
letters words https://letters-words.com/ features a word search engine designed for a versatile scope of usages. Students can find synonyms and antonyms for their research papers and degree theses.
Writing 101 Writing 101. A library of resources to help you communicate better. A blog from WRITER.
Grammica Logo Check your English grammar with grammica.
PL logo Plagiarism Checker
GrammarCheck Online spelling and grammar checker
English Grammar Vocabulary Words

English Grammar Vocabulary Words

pronunciation howtosay.com
Linguee The Linguee App
Essay ToolBox  

Essay ToolBox. Writing tools to add to your arsenal.


Ginger software, Spelling and grammar checker (free)

Whitesmoke WhiteSmoke. Spelling and grammar checker.
tranductor neuronal Traductor neuronal anglès-català
Google Google translator.
BAsic English Espeaking An English learning blog with many resources and lessons. For instance, this is a lesson series on �€œEnglish Conversation - Basic Grammar�€�:
Guide A useful resource guide: "The Ultimate Grammar Resource Guide
English Grammar A very good link to start with (English Grammar):
From my humble point of view, the best resource for learning English is the BBC in anyone of their channels. For example, try the BBC World Service Radio:

Or even better depending on your knowledge of English, The BBC Learning English web site.

player VLC Radiomap, the radio map of Europe. Listen to radio live broadcast using streming address and VLC player.
logo_WEBSITE_PLANET A blog post on how grammar can also make a good or bad impact on businesses.
WIZCASE A blog post on grammar mistakes.


- Old list of resources (archive for reference, links may be broken).