UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


4-bit serial adder


Dedicated processor (datapath + control unit)

1. Specifications

Symbol in Fig. 1. Search information and examine class notes to see how the system can work to perform the required operations having very limited arithmetic resources. The same approach can be taken for example when performing 32-bit arithmetic operations in a 8-bit microprocessor hardware. 


Fig 1. Symbol.  


Here you are a set of example waveforms generated while simulating a functional test bench for the Adder_4bit_serial.

If the inputs are A = 13; B = 6, Cin = 0; the result is 19 ( Cout = 1, S = 3)


2. Plan C2 based on a dedicated processor

Notes from a book on an example design. Notes for our example. Note: This project follows former CSD naming conventions and styles and is not updated.


3. Development


Example solution project.


4. Test (functional)



Fig 2. Testing.  


5. Test (gate-level)



6. Prototyping


7. Report