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Examples of classic chips covered in CSD

Chip CSD name (adaptation) Project Description
74LS04   P1 Six independent inverters, NOT gates, (LS-TTL)
SN74LVC2G17   P3 Dual buffer (non-inverter). Used as a component for key debouncing in the DE10-Lite board
4069UB   P1 Six independent inverters , NOT gates (CMOS)
74LS00   P1 Four independent NAND gate of 2-input (LS-TTL)
74HCT153 Dual_MUX4 P2 Dual 4-input multiplexer  
74HCT138 Dec_3_8 P2 3-to-8 line lbinary decoder, also an 8-channel demultiplexer
HEF4532B Enc_8_3 P2 8-to-3 binary encoder with priority
74LS148 /147 Enc_8_3, Enc_10_4 P2 8-to-3 binary encoder with priority
74HCT182 CLA_Generator P3 4-bit carry-lookahead generator
74AS181 ALU_4bit P4 4-bit arithmetic and logic unit
74F85 Comp_4bit P3 4-bit comparator
DM74185 Bin_BCD_type74185 P8 BCD-to-Binary and Binary-to-BCD converters
74HCT283 Adder_4bit P3 4-bit binary adder (architecture carry-lookahead)
MC14560 Adder_BCD_1digit P9 4-bit BCD adder
74280 (1) (2) Odd_parity_checker P3 9-bit even and odd parity generator and checker
4LS279A RS_Latch P5 Quad R-S latch
74HCT75   P5 Dual 2-bit transparent latch
 74HCT74 D_FF P6 Dual Data type flip-flop
HEF4027B JK_FF P5 Dual JK flip-flop
74LS169 Counter_mod16 P7, 10 4-bit binary counter
74LS160A Counter_BCD_1digit P7, 10 1 digit BCD counter
74HCT194 Shift_Reg_4bit P7 4-bit shift register
74HCT4017   P7, P10 5-bit Johnson counter
HD44180U, LM032L   P11 LCD display driver controller  and device  (2 rows, 16 characters)
DS1073 CLK_Generator P8, P12 Oscillator/Divider (Real-time clock)