UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL


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This is what is required to communicate effectively in all subjects, academic tutoring and TFG/TGM. Similar information from the EETAC perspective.

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fjsr  Dr. Francesc J. Robert
Office: C4-143E
Tel. +34 - 93 413 72 14
E-mail: francesc.j.robert[at]upc.edu  

Timetable. I have an open-door policy, whenever you find me in office, you're welcome to come in and ask questions on whatever related to our teaching, students tutoring, research or school management.

Dr. Ramon Casanella 
Office: C4-116P
Tel. +34 93 413 70 90
E-mail: ramon.casanella[at]upc.edu  


Teodoro Deltor 
Office: C4-140a
Tel. +34 93 413 71 47
E-mail: teodoro.deltor[at]upc.edu