upc eetac_1 Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering

The CSD ePortfolio

Collection of work samples and reflection on the course

How to implement it

The tool we use to implement portfolios is Google sites. The cooperative group will share the site.


Fig. 1. The idea of a web page as your cooperative group ePortfolio.

Here you are a simple site template to start with. It's easy to change the web site layout to suit your needs. 

Here you are a simple tutorial to install a new web page.

And here there is another tutorial on how how to setup the study time graph embedding the graph HTML from Google Docs to your ePortfolio.

A tutorial on how to edit the navigation sidebar


How to assess it

EPortfolio self-assessment rubric and criteria: midterm: eP1 sheet. End of term: eP2 sheet

Items Definitions
Reflection Your written thoughts about the course, projects and cross-curricular skills such teamwork, English and project management. 
P1 ... P6 The upload of your projects, assignments, corrections, etc. The midterm ePortfolio revision has to include all about the sixth first projects. Be aware that your reports show the way you have learnt to specify, plan, develop and test your projects.
P7 .. P12 The end of the course revision will consider the remaining projects. Think of including your instructors' comments and reviews on your deliverables.
Oral Presentation The slides, videos, documents, etc. of the project you have chosen for the oral presentation.
Extra content Materials scanned from books and links to web pages with subject-related content that you have used for studying the course. Add here your Q&A and participation in the course's blog.
Tests IT1, IT2, IT3 The individual exams that you have solved with comments and reviews are also materials that can be added in the ePortfolio.
Study time The graphic chart updated with your study time embedded in the ePortfolio page. This chart is linked to the time annotation  spread sheet.
Customisation The idea of tailoring your ePortfolio pages to better express your work and identity: colours, templates, comments, discussions. Modify the general template to your needs and personality.


- Balancing the two faces of the eportfolio.

- The former eportfolio web page.