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Magazines for the electronics industry

Here you have some links to the world of electronic engineering. Here you can find: datasheets, components, design ideas, white papers, applications notes, prototypes, research papers and many more...


FPGA Central

FPGA Central is created to provide a central place for FPGA/CPLD Vendors & Users to share experiences and information about FPGA Design, Development, Verification, Validation, Process, Tools & Products. 


Xcell Journal (Xilinx)

Is the Xilinx customer newsletter since 1988.

 SOC Central

SOC central (System on Chip)

To save you time by scouring the Internet for you – vendor sites, publications, and other content sources – and identifying the industry developments, products, and design information most relevant to SoC designers and user of EDA tools and IP, organize and index that material, and provide the links to take you directly to the source


Programmable Logic Design Linea

This site provides the practical how-to information needed to program, develop, and implement field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and programmable logic devices (PLDs) in wireless, networking, industrial, automotive, and other design applications.



 EDA and IC industry news, technical articles, white papers, and other information you can use to stay on top of the fast paced EDA and IC industries. 



A companion to Embedded Systems Design magazine and the Embedded Systems Conferences, Embedded.com is the global online authority for embedded designers and technical managers who are responsible for defining systems, selecting the critical hardware and software components, building the systems, and integrating the hardware and firmware designs


Mundo Electrónico



TechOnline magazine



EE Times magazine


Electronic Products Design & Test

Electronic Products Design and Test


Electronic Design

Electronic Design Europe



EDN Europe

 Revista Espaola de Electrnica

Revista Española de Electrónica




Planet EE

PlanetEE is dedicated to serving the global electronics industry as the comprehensive technical resource, design, solution, and commerce center for the worldwide community of electronic design engineers and engineering management.


eurofach electrónica


Test & Measurement World

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Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers

The complete research reference.

 IEEE Spectrum Online

IEEE Spectrum

The magazine.
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Learn from the Internet ...

Here you have some links to web seminars to which you can register and attend for free. Remember that for many seminars, even if you miss the seminar's broadcast date, you can download them later on.