Unit 3.1 English for engineers

- Try link in the English language section of this web.

At this level, you have to include some section written in English in your exercise, project or test.  Use the English proofing tools available in Office.

- Ginger software, Spelling and grammar checker (free)


- This is another commercial tool: White Smoke


- Try to ask questions in class in English, in this way you'll improve your spoken skills. You are encouraged to do so.

- Communicate through e-mail with your instructor or your team mates in English. 

- Use automatic translators, like Google Translate  to get a first version of your writings.


- It's quite simple: we consider that throughout your secondary school you already have acquired enough skills in English language for following our course. Probably, by your own initiative, you are even taking classes in a language school while studying this bachelor. Thus, take this course in digital systems as another opportunity to test and put into practice your English.