UPC EETAC Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Systems and in Network Engineering EEL

Chapter 2 problems

      - D2.1 -

CD player buttons




1. Specifications

Our aim is to design the digital control of the buttons available in a CD player front panel following our FSM strategies.

CD player

Fig. 1. CD player application and its symbol.

-  Draw an example of timing diagram. Infer how does it work inventing the state diagram to control the buttons.

state diagram

Fig. 2. CD player FSM state diagram.

- Apply the FSM architecture to this problem and draw the state register based on D_FF. Deduce how many D_FF are required if coding states in binary radix-2 (sequential).

- Write the truth table of CC1 and CC2 and their equivalent behavioural interpretations using flowcharts.

- Write the FSM VHDL file and develop the circuit for a Cyclone IV target chip using EDA tools. Inspect the RTL and technology views. How many D_FF registers are used in this application?

- Generate a VHDL testbench fixture to demonstrate that the circuit operates correctly. 


- In an additional phase, design the CLK generator circuit from a 50 MHz quartz crystal oscillator to obtain the 200 Hz CLK signal. Deduce the number of D_FF that it will contain. Use the content of lecture on